“news items & up dates”

Hi, from time to time, I hope to up date you on any news from either “sandbaggrs”, myself or from fellow trekkers etc, so keep an eye on his site,cheers Jock

“NEWS FLASH” (16th sept) Depending on volunteers stepping forward, I have been reliably informed a FILM COMPANY may be interest on doing a wee piece on the trek? YAHOOOOO braw eh
The response I have had  for people wanting to go on this once in a life time trek has been fantastic, but I,am afraid I,am going to have to put a cap on numbers,so after speaking with “sandbaggers” I have said 10 from each team can go with me, sorry about this  but who doesn’t go can always help those chosen to raise funds ,
“Jinky” Johnstone fund, lady’s,gentlemen you may have noticed that I have changed the front page on charity for Jinky? WHY! I personally feel that money raised would be better spend helping those with this decease  rather than what the trusts aims are doing, all be it very good, Quote from the site,“The Jinky Johnstone Trust will provide 67 sets of football kits completely FREE.  Each kit will be provided in the teams own colours.  Clubs are asked to apply to us and list a valid reason to why their club should benefit for a free set of strips.”
distances!!! check this one oot?, amazing!! from Perth Bonnie Scotland to Ulaanbaatar  Mongolia as the crow fly is “wait for it”?? = 4,194.256 miles
photo of me & Denis, CELTIC volunteer after meeting the staff from the Davie Cooper centre,
“one for you diary?“—- proposed seminar
after speaking with”Dave” from sandbaggers, he is looking to organise a wee seminar, the date looks like being the saturday 13th of november, the venue and timings I will publish at a later date, every thing you want to ask or hear about the trip will be discussed,(27/09)
“numbers” this is how the numbers break down to date lads,(5th oct)
Rangers x 6
celtic x 5
Motherwell x 1
others x 3
so please pass the word around to any supporters clubs,sites,ass, etc so we can take 30 with us, ie more lads & lassies = more money for our chosen charities,aye Jock
e mail from Julie,that’s daves wife ref seminar, honest I have checked saturday is 13th ahahah
Saturday 12 November at 9 am – 1.30 ish in Mearns Castle High School, Waterfoot Road, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77.
“LOST” ! WHERE THE HELL IS Newton Mearns
 well that’s the seminar over with, thank to every one who was there, sandbaggers did a very professional job, well done them,lots of paper work will be coming your way soon, from dave at sandbaggers, the 2 charities, and myself, Lawrence from match winner turned up with some real quality sports clothing to kit us all out for our game,but as I said we must all try to get more supporters on board, but it was great putting faces to names, so let’s do our stuff and start hitting the media, sponsors etc cheers Jock


check this top out oor man Lawrence is doing us proud eh?


6 Responses to “news items & up dates”

  1. jockmcinnes says:

    “NEWS FLASH” Depending on volunteers stepping forward, I have been reliably informed a FILM COMPANY may be interest on doing a wee piece on the trek? YAHOOOOO braw eh

  2. Denis Griffin says:

    Looking forward to the seminar. Count me in.

  3. Craig and Andy says:

    Count us in,cannot wait to get started.

  4. Loving the tops! Absolutely superb 🙂 ^ST

  5. Denis Griffin says:

    Great job Lawrence they look fantastic we will don them with pride

  6. john buckland says:

    the new tops look brilliant!

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