Gobi united

Hi lads, not sure if you are aware  but Dave from sandbaggers is working hard at having us trample the turf of the Mongolian national stadium, to play an as yet un named team! (please make it an easy one and not the full 90 minutes,am old yi ken?) 

any way I really want this to go on, as I have some very exciting news on this front,but can’t say as yet! we must be positive as NO team, or group of individuals from the UK has ever played there, we will be the 1st, is that not great, any way I will keep you all updated, well what about the flag, and the great strip etc, LAWRENCE from match winner has done us very proud,eh look great, we will look very smart running out onto the pitch for the game, Lawrence you’re a star,  cheers Jock

“our opponents”

well dave has got us some very exciting opponents none other than Mazaalai F.C who won  a title which was the” Cup of Mongolian Football Federation” (same as FA Cup in England)they sound & look very professional and organised, some thing like ourselfs, aye are they no in for a BIG shock,with us in LOZ,s great strips & oor kilts,nay bother bring it on,



4 Responses to Gobi united

  1. Denis Griffin says:

    You got in there first Jock. I emailed Celtic asking for a top and just got a reply telling me they had sent you one. Well done it should raise lots.

  2. jockmcinnes says:

    Hi Denis only bid so far is £100? cant let this go for that can I???? smart box & letter to? aye Jock

  3. Denis Griffin says:

    Looking for at least double that Jock, would make a great Christmas pressie for someone.

  4. jockmcinnes says:

    aye but who? nay one wants it! must be looking for a “chapions one”? hahahahahah LOL

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