Fundrasing ” its just an idea”?


To become part of effective fundraising project you’ll need to be aware of the rules and procedures that fundraisers have to follow. This series of how to guides covers a range of fundraising issues such as how to bank your money, how to hold a raffle etc.  Publicising your event will help you to reach a far wider audience and we’ve tips and ideas on getting the word about your fundraising activity out there. With a little help from your friends, you could organise your own benefit concert and enjoy the sweet sounds of fundraising success. Charity concerts come in all styles and sizes, and having a basic understanding of what you wish to accomplish will help your planning tremendously. You can also raise money online using a customisable microsite of a fundraising organisation like ‘justgiving’ or through a personal website dedicated to your fundraising activities


“Tough times”?

Asking the public for charitable donations can be a daunting task during economic tough times. Cutting back on outlay costs and researching potential donators may be ways to minimise losses during financially tough times

Increase Fundraising Donor Contact

Although some fundraisers may find it hard to ask for donations during tough times, if you don’t ask you won’t receive. The fact is that fundraising requests should be increased and not scaled back. People who have previously donated will still want to give to a good cause although it may not be at the same level as before. Direct mailing, social networking sites and appeals through the local press can all be used to draw attention to fundraising campaigns. Fundraisers can be sure that other charities will be increasing these methods during economic tough times. 

Research Potential Donation Sources

Researching possible donors is a major part of any business and the fundraising sector is no different. Fundraisers should make the effort to research and find out as much as possible about potential donators. Unfortunately many fundraisers do not think that this is the right way to seek out new donators. But having research information on potential donators will give a more personal touch when it comes to requests and appeals. Remember to keep all relevant past and potential donor information on databases. 

Increase Online Fundraising Efforts

Utilising online tools for fundraising appeals and marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive contact methods. Fundraising websites, social networking sites and linking to other charities are inexpensive ways to get appeals across to the public. Contacting donators by email is another effective way to push appeal information directly to donators. Good copywriters should be used to rewrite outdated copy in a more concise but appealing manner. When contacting businesses always mention the benefits to be gained by donating such as company name-checks on fundraising websites.

Get the Community Involved in Fundraising Activities

Communities will still pull together to support a good cause even during economic tough times. People still want to give and help during the good and the bad times. Fundraising events involving the community are a way to lift people’s spirits and get them involved in something worthwhile. There may not be the opportunity for as many events as there have been in the past but that doesn’t mean they should stop altogether. Getting schools, teachers, children’s clubs and local businesses involved will be the first step towards organising a community based fundraising event. Fundraising can suffer during economic tough times and a long term strategy is important. Some creative methods may be needed to get profits back on track and cutting certain costs will usually be necessary. Fundraising groups should take as much information, help and advice as possible from government charity organisations on methods to weather financial storms.

“its just an idea”???

  • Double the money

If your company matches fundraising donations, ask them to match whatever you raise, everyone’s a winner!

  •  Office lottery

You need up to 49 people to play, with each person paying one pound for a lottery number (1-49).  If their number gets picked out of the hat, that person wins half the money and YouthNet gets the other half.  Make this a weekly occurance and watch the funds build up, or play twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) to really boost your fundraising total.

  •  Quiz night

Get your friends, family or colleagues together (at the pub, work, someone’s house or on email). Ask them to pay £5 and answer 50 questions. The winner gets half the money and the rest goes towards your fundraising target.

  •  Clothes swap

Get your mates to dig out those clothes which they just don’t wear, and hold a clothes swapping party.  We’ve put together an event pack to help you get started – you can download this here.

  •  Bad hair day

Hold a bad hair day and collect a £2 donation from everyone that takes part.

  •  Dress down


  • Organise a dress down day and collect a £2 donation from all those that take part, and £5 from those that don’t!


  •  Smarties tube

Give your friends, family and colleagues a tube of smarties and (once they’ve eaten them), ask them over a period of weeks to fill the empty tube with £1 coins and give it back to you.

  •  Spare change

Collect spare change from everyone you know and see how quickly you can fill a jar.

  •  Climb every mountain

If you work in a high-rise building, get sponsored to take the stairs for a month.

  •  Quit it!

Are you a smoker? A compulsive chocolate eater? Quit for a month and get everyone to sponsor your efforts.

  •  Karaoke night

Get a local pub to donate a room for free and discover your singing talents as you sing along to your favourite song.

  •  Shave it!

Get sponsored to shave your head, or your chest, or your armpits or…!

  •  One day fast

Be sponsored to go on a 24-hour fast.

  • Office mini Olympic challenge

Get everyone at your work involved in a mini Olympic challenge. Think up some fun competitions such as chair-racing, who can punch most holes in a sheet of A3 in a minute, or who can cover themselves in the most post-it notes.

  •  SMILE!

Run a caption competition on pictures taken from your last big party, and collect donations from your entrants.

  •  S%#@!

Create a swear box with a £1 fee for every naughty word uttered.

  •  Ask your mates

Many heads are better than one, so get your friends’ ideas on how you can reach your fundraising target.  They may even be willing to help you organise an event….

  • Just remember, get people involved, be shameless and keep talking about what you’re planning on doing. That way, they can’t use the excuse that you never asked them to sponsor you!

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