There is no landscape on earth like the desert! from stoney flat expanses scattered with ancient fossils,to perfect wind-swept sand dunes,broken only by the occasional oasis,your trek in the GOBI desert transports you to another world,the desert and its incredible night sky’s provide a feeling of space and solitude,of nature power and transience of mankind,this will be an un forgettable  and life – changing challenge,what a fantastic achievement this will be for you all.

Southern Mongolia’s most dominant feature is the Gobi Desert, half a million square miles of wilderness containing some of the Earth’s most diverse and beautiful landscapes. The sand dunes and vast blue sky of legend are found here, as are valleys where grass grows beside ice formations that sparkle until mid-summer, and canyons and cliffs that glow orange in the evening light. Shaggy two-humped camels, Gobi bears, ibex, and gazelle are just some of the wildlife sharing this remarkable land with nomadic families living in round white gers, the traditional felt and canvas dwellings of Mongolia’s herdsmen. Meeting these desert nomads, known for their friendliness and hospitality, is a highlight of any visit to the Gobi.

In addition to the warmth of its people, the Gobi’s ancient treasures continue to draw adventurers to Mongolia’s southern provinces. Among the desert’s most famous and dramatic sights is the Flaming Cliffs, where dinosaur hunters made one of the 20th century’s most important discoveries. The glow of these red sandstone cliffs was a dramatic backdrop for the unearthing of dinosaur eggs in 1923, an event that established the Gobi as one of paleontology’s most important research destinations.


2 Responses to Mongolia

  1. Bett says:

    Had to leave a comment on the “kilt part” nothing like a man in a kilt ;p..Actually YoMama brought me here,been following the guys and gal for over a year now.Great event sounds like and as I had a great incometax return today,I will help ;D Will feature your cause on YT and the Crackbook.Good luck to everyone and with your charities,cheers,peace & love from Canada 😉

    • jockmcinnes says:

      thanks for that, you great bunch of lads and lassie, and we are all looking forward to stricking out into the desert for charity,going to be just great
      thanks again aye jock

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