Jimmy “Jinky” Johnstone

Jimmy Johnstone was first noticed when he was 13 and was offered a job as a ballboy at Parkhead, where he quickly made an impression. He made his first team debut in 1963, before he was 19. He soon became a favourite with the fans with his enormous talent. He was very quick on the wing and liked to take on the defence to create chances for himself and team mates.

Jimmy was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in 2002.

MND is a rapidly progressive and fatal disease of the nervous system which kills five people a day in the UK.  The Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association The SMND Association exists to help and support all those affected by MND specifically in Scotland. The Association provides specialist care and support through its care team, equipment loan and information services. Research is encouraged and promoted into all aspects of this disease

“Motor Neurone Disease” Scotland


Motor Neurone Disease stops the nerve cells that control the body’s movement from sending messages to muscles. MND is often rapid and always fatal. There is no known cure.

There are currently 375 people living in Scotland with MND, and more than 130 people will be diagnosed this year.MND Scotland is the only charity providing care and support for people with MND and their carers, while also funding research into the disease. Everyone with MND in Scotland receives direct care from our team of Care Specialists who also ensure that our information and support services can be accessed after diagnosis and throughout the progression of the disease.


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