September 9, 2010

There is no landscape on earth like the desert! from stoney flat expanses scattered with ancient fossils,to perfect wind-swept sand dunes,broken only by the occasional oasis,your trek in the GOBI desert transports you to another world,the desert and its incredible night sky’s provide a feeling of space and solitude,of nature power and transience of mankind,this will be an un forgettable  and life – changing challenge,what a fantastic achievement this will be for you all.

Southern Mongolia’s most dominant feature is the Gobi Desert, half a million square miles of wilderness containing some of the Earth’s most diverse and beautiful landscapes. The sand dunes and vast blue sky of legend are found here, as are valleys where grass grows beside ice formations that sparkle until mid-summer, and canyons and cliffs that glow orange in the evening light. Shaggy two-humped camels, Gobi bears, ibex, and gazelle are just some of the wildlife sharing this remarkable land with nomadic families living in round white gers, the traditional felt and canvas dwellings of Mongolia’s herdsmen. Meeting these desert nomads, known for their friendliness and hospitality, is a highlight of any visit to the Gobi.

In addition to the warmth of its people, the Gobi’s ancient treasures continue to draw adventurers to Mongolia’s southern provinces. Among the desert’s most famous and dramatic sights is the Flaming Cliffs, where dinosaur hunters made one of the 20th century’s most important discoveries. The glow of these red sandstone cliffs was a dramatic backdrop for the unearthing of dinosaur eggs in 1923, an event that established the Gobi as one of paleontology’s most important research destinations.


Jimmy “Jinky” Johnstone

September 8, 2010

Jimmy Johnstone was first noticed when he was 13 and was offered a job as a ballboy at Parkhead, where he quickly made an impression. He made his first team debut in 1963, before he was 19. He soon became a favourite with the fans with his enormous talent. He was very quick on the wing and liked to take on the defence to create chances for himself and team mates.

Jimmy was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in 2002.

MND is a rapidly progressive and fatal disease of the nervous system which kills five people a day in the UK.  The Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association The SMND Association exists to help and support all those affected by MND specifically in Scotland. The Association provides specialist care and support through its care team, equipment loan and information services. Research is encouraged and promoted into all aspects of this disease

“Motor Neurone Disease” Scotland

Motor Neurone Disease stops the nerve cells that control the body’s movement from sending messages to muscles. MND is often rapid and always fatal. There is no known cure.

There are currently 375 people living in Scotland with MND, and more than 130 people will be diagnosed this year.MND Scotland is the only charity providing care and support for people with MND and their carers, while also funding research into the disease. Everyone with MND in Scotland receives direct care from our team of Care Specialists who also ensure that our information and support services can be accessed after diagnosis and throughout the progression of the disease.

The Davie Cooper Centre

September 7, 2010


We are aiming to build a Family Centre for Children and Young Adults with Special Needs on our three acres of land on Great Western Road, Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire. In addition to the Centre which will provide indoor & outdoor play facilities, we will be offering short-stay overnight Respite and home support. A Disability Learning Unit is also included in our plans.note photo on my visit to the centre, L to R-John,Jackie (centre)me & Denis,who is a celtic volunteer walker(23/09/10)


September 7, 2010

What we do and who we are

Sandbaggers are expedition and expedition race organisers who specialise in providing top quality experiences in some of the world’s remotest locations. In 2003 we founded Gobi Challenge, an expedition style multi-day ultra race in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Such was the success of the inaugural event we have since hosted it annually attracting competitors from all over the world. In our seven years of operating the event Gobi Challenge has firmly established itself as one of the Worlds remotest and most adventurous desert racing events. We also founded and continue to host the UKs foremost and arguably toughest multiday event Scottish Ultra. Our 2010 event saw gruelling conditions and a determined pack of international athletes battling over five days of mountain, forest and coastline . Scottish Ultra 2011 will take place on 4th to 8th May 2011 in Southern Scotland. Please click here for further information.

Expedition Services

We continue to develop Sandbaggers Expedition Services and will over the next two months be confirming a full range of training courses in various environments and countries across the World.  Regular updates will be appearing on the website as developments take shape.

Gobi info

September 7, 2010

2011 charity Gobi trek

“Making a difference for others”

ladies, gentlemen & lovers of the great “game” I would like to run a wee idea past you, and ask if you could kindly say if you think the under mention supporters & clubs would back me on it or not!,

I would like to invite 6 x supporters from 3 x Scottish premier teams to take part in this ones in a life time adventure and trek 100 miles through the famous Gobi desert in China with me,

•         8 x supporters from rangers F.C (or more if possible)

•          8 x supporters from Celtic F.C.(or more if possible)

•          8 x supporters from Motherwell F.C.(or more if possible)

The supporters aim is simple it will be to, raise as much money for two very special football related charities which are connected to two famous but sadly deceased football legends in the form of, Jinky Johnston & Davie cooper, both who have connections with the three clubs nominated.

“Your Invition”

September 7, 2010



Follow in the foot steps of Genghis Khan?

Would you follow?  In support of 2 true Scottish sporting legends?


On the 3rd of September 2011, I plan to take 30 x supporters from three different clubs(Rangers, Celtic &Motherwell)  and trek 100 miles through the stunning landscape of the Gobi desert in china,


To raise funds for;

Jinky Johnston & Davie Cooper’s charities.

For full details on how you can take part in this ones in a life time trip please,

 E -mail “Jock Mcinnes” (Scone) at